Ginsberg Family from Kutno/Lowicz Tree

Akiva [Kiwa] married Feiga (nee Hirshberg/Hershberg) they lived in Kutno, Poland.
Two of their children are known, both born in Kutno:
  • Yehoshua Abe [Szyia Abe] (1808 - ?) was born in Kutno, married Chana Feiga. Their children were all born in Lowicz, Poland.
    They had 3 know children, of them only one is known to have reached adulthood.
    • Roiza [Rayzla] (b. 13-01-1855).
    • Elazar Yaakov [Layzer Jakub] (b. 16-08-1858 - d. 23-07-1859).
    • Menachem Zelig [Mendel Zelek] (b. 1865 - d. 04-04-1866 at 6 months of age).
  • Eliezer [Layzer] was born in Kutno, Poland 1810. Married Krasa (daughter of Meir Blumenhelf and Fayga Funt). It seems that just like his older brother he moved to Lowicz, Poland where all of his chidren were born.
    They had 2 know sons and 2 know daughters.
    • Akiva [Kiwa] was born 20-11-1837 in Lowicz. Married Ester Gittel (daugter of Yoina and Kreindel Klein).
      They had 2 sons and a daughter:
      • Eliezer Mordchai [Leyzer Mordka] born in Lowicz 28-06-1857.
      • Tzvi Meir [Hersz Maier] born in Lowicz 04-01-1863.
      • Dvoire Fayge [Dwoira Fajga] born in Lowicz 16-04-1865, died 02-05-1866 at age of 1 year & 1 month.
    • Rifka [Ryfka] was born in Lowicz 19-12-1838. Married Eliezer Kohn.
    • Miryam Lea [Marya Laia] b. 1837 d. 29-07-1838 at age of 1 year, 6 months old.
    • Yisroel Yaakov [Izrael Jakub] b. in Lowicz 10-05-1843.