Ginsberg Geneology


This site is dedicated to research the roots and branches of the Jewish Ginsberg family that spread throughout most of Europe and to other continents.

The Günzburg (Cyrillic: Гинзбург, Гинцбург, Yiddish: גינצבורג, גינזבורג‎, Ginzburg, Gintsburg) family originated in the town of Günzburg, Bavaria. It is believed that the family went there from the city of Ulm, Württemberg, and that for this reason the best-known progenitor of the family and some of his immediate descendants, as well as certain others, called themselves "Ulma-Günzburg". ("Rabbi Jair Chajim Bacharach und Seine Ahnen", p. 45, Treves, 1894) proves that "Gunz" and "Gaunz" are simply variants of "Günzburg."- Günzburg. (n.d.). In Wikipedia. Retrieved Jan 1, 2020, fromünzburg_(surname)

In contrast to the previous common belief, it has been proven that not all Ginsberg’s are in fact related.

In the contrary, there were many different families who bore the same name. This is due to the definition or “meaning” of the name. It derives from the German City Günsberg in Bohemia.

Among the many Ginsberg family’s there have been such identified as Kohanim or Levi’im.

In the past many books and writings have been dedicated to the genealogical research of these family’s. One famous book “Zur Geschichte und Genealogie Der Günzburg” was published in S. Petersburg in 1899 by David Maggid.

Maggid, with his unique talent documented many branches of Ginsberg family’s starting from the 15th century with Shimon Ginzburg.
Although he did a wonderful job, which in his time was considered a tremendous accomplishment, and his work was a prized piece for researches. Nowadays, with the help of the internet much more could be achieved to try and pieces together the fallen leaves and branches.

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