Einhorn Geneology

This site is dedicated to research the roots and branches of the Jewish Einhorn family that originated from MaramureČ™, Romania which was then know as Maramaros that spread through a vast area of Eastern Europe from the Foothills of the Carpathian Mountains into present-day Ukraine.

I believe that most Einhorn's are related, and have dedicated this project to bridge the gaps and collect the fallen leaves and branches.

The most prominent Einhorn families originated from the two towns Irholcz & Kokenyes, which are in close proximity. This confirms my theory that Einhorns share a common ancestor.

This is an immence project that cannot be possible without your help! If you share an interest in the Einhorn family, or have any knowledge that could help put together the broken peices, please contact us via email (below).

If you have any additional information or resources, please contribute to this project by emailing: